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In “A Campus Landscape and the Student”, it is argued that a student’s learning abilities are based primarily on the environment in which he/she is learning. Often, a learning environment is overlooked, but it is proven that the landscape of learning environments have a large affect on attainment. A campus is defined as “just the grounds a university is placed on”. Some prefer traditional campuses to attend, rather than campuses with little privacy, such as Georgia State. For instance, private schools are ore traditional than public universities, which some may find a better environment for their studies. While schools that are less traditional are viewed as distracting to some people. Nonetheless, both areas are “campuses” and people can succeed in both. Importantly, their are many resources at all universities, but the way to obtain certain resources have different styles, depending on location of the school. Those that support traditional campuses more argue that those colleges offer more history, which causes students to value their education more. However, at every school, there are legacies; therefore, education is still valued, and there are students that attend traditional campuses and still are unaware of the history and background of the school;. These students attend the schools just because of the name it has, rather than learning the history of the school first. In “Recognizing Campus Landscapes as Learning Spaces”, it is argued that colleges receive the names they have based on their history, especially private schools. Also, the image of the school, such as the landscape, receives more attention than the curriculum of the school. This may be found true, since first impressions always matter and school do their best to look their best to students and their parents interested in admission, without including real facts about their curriculum. Overall, less traditional campuses are stepped on when compared to schools with traditional campuses, because landscapes are most important to most people.
Oliver, Kathleen. “A Campus Landscape and the Student.” N.p., 31 Oct. 2016. Web. 27 Feb. 2017.

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