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At Morehouse College, the central campus, specifically, I observe the area at 1:45 PM. At this time, men of Morehouse College are transitioning between classes, all held in brick, old-fashioned buildings. These African-American men of different skin complexions walk at constant paces to make it to their next destination, along the concrete paths. Some stop to greet friends along the way.

Almost every man is wearing a maroon-colored “Morehouse College” shirt or hat. Others are dressed in business suits; I learned that this is something that all students at Morehouse College are trained to do, in honor of their school code and being wholesome men.  There are several cliques; the sports players, fraternity guys, and those that know each other from their hometowns. Many of the students on this campus are from the DMV area, which I am also from, so I recognized several people.

Nonetheless, at almost 2:00 PM on a Friday, most students are done with classes for the day and are treating themselves to a meal at the on-campus fast food restaurant, Chick fil A. The Chick fil A operates in a tan-colored, brick building with two, large white doors as the entry way. I notice only two females are seen in this area, besides myself and my friend, accompanying me.

As I walk closer toward the football field, I see large groups of parents and their children excited to explore the campus during Admitted Students Weekend. This group stands out, because as I previously mentioned, the Morehouse students all dress similarly, while this group wears many different colors and no one is actually matching.

When I close my eyes, I hear laughter and constant footsteps. I smell freshly cut grass, probably due to the college being on a traditional campus and being high-maintenance.  If no other college campus says traditional, Morehouse College does. All the buildings surrounding me are brick and not too tall. The doors of some buildings are old fashioned, and there are plants everywhere, making me forget that I am in Atlanta. Moreover, Morehouse College is not colorful, compared to GSU. At GSU, we see more signs and ads with vibrant colors, promoting events, while at Morehouse College, I did not see one advertisement and the only outstanding color on the campus is maroon.



During my observation at Morehouse College, I noticed several things about the visuals of the school and things that they consider traditional.  As a Georgia State student, more familiar with the “non-traditional” campus setting, my feelings toward Morehouse are different than those of my own university.

The most significant difference that I recognize, of course, is the sex of students. At Morehouse, an all-male school, it is rare to find large amounts of females on campus, especially around 1:00 pm, where most students are traveling between classes or at their own dorms. Differently, Georgia State University is a co-ed college with co-ed dorms. Personally, I believe that a same sex school, such as Morehouse College, is unnecessary to adults that are now in the “real world” and will eventually be exposed to the lives of the opposite sex, in marriages and any other future endeavors. Some may disagree, because Morehouse College and Spelman College, an all-women’s college, are neighbors. These people may argue that although the schools are not co-ed, they are close enough to give students the experience of socializing with one another. This is a ridiculous way to think.

Yes, Morehouse and Spelman are both prestigious schools and their names hold weight; therefore, they’re attractive to many people. However, a co-ed college benefits students later in life. After graduation, many students begin to live on their own and start by renting apartments. No apartments are separated by gender; therefore, a student coming from a college, such as Morehouse College will have to adjust to this new life. Moreover, a purpose for college is to prepare students for the real adult life, so if one doesn’t know how to live in the same vicinity as the opposite sex, what’s the purpose of living on campus? This is an idea that many people will challenge; however, I will support them, even though my feelings will never change.

On a more positive note, I did find that certain aspects of Morehouse College cause me to feel more welcome. For instance, there are sitting areas throughout the campus, where students socialize and visitors are welcome. Importantly, Morehouse men consider themselves the brothers of the women at Spelman, so they are more gentle with the females that visit, as well. As I previously mentioned, I have several friends that are Morehouse men and they are very open with invitations to their campus events with my friends and I. All in all, I feel comfortable on the Morehouse College campus.

Despite my differences as a woman at a co-ed school, I enjoy the atmosphere of Morehouse College and I know that very successful people are being molded at that school.

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